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Our vision and values

Our vision

Our vision is to provide exceptional education and development outcomes to meet the needs of every pupil and help them be the best they can be in a school where every individual is valued.


We show what can be achieved by pupils through the quality of our:

  • leadership and management
  • pupil development, behaviour and welfare
  • teaching, learning and assessment
  • outcomes for children
  • Early Years provision.


We provide three essential pillars as a platform for success:

  • a broad, balanced, relevant and challenging curriculum
  • effective assessment of learning, which inspires pupils to move on to new learning challenges in a timely way
  • pedagogy which expertly meets the needs of pupils with special educational needs.

Our values

At Three Spires Academy, we hold five core values:


  • we lead and inspire
  • we deliver results    
  • we make a personal impact    
  • we engage learners    
  • we engage others.