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Accessibility Compliance Statement

Date: 03/09/2019

Accessibility testing standards

This website has been tested to WCAG 2.0 A and AA compliance levels with some WCAG 2.1 A and AA levels. We are aware that there are several accessibility issues present on the Three Spires website. The accessibility issues on mentioned on this page have been reported and are currently in the process of being resolved. Information regarding the outstanding accessibility issues can be found under the headings on this page.


Issues affecting mobile devices

We are aware there are accessibility issues with the menu for mobile phone users. We apologise for any inconveniences this may cause and we are in the process of resolving these issues.


Issues affecting keyboard only users

Currently the website does not have enough visual focus display to enable keyboard only users to navigate confidently. We will resolve this as quickly as possible.


Other improvements

RNIB aims to consistently improve our services by making websites easy to navigate and understand. Once the accessibility improvements have been implemented, we will continue to review the Three Spires website annually to ensure that any updates or changes do not affect the accessibility and usability of the main website.



If you have any other queries or discover any accessibility issues not mentioned within this page, please contact: